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Sports & Social Center

Team: Francisca Salazar + Daniel Escobar + Matías Salas (LSAA)

Location: Valparaiso, Chile

Year: 2015

Type of Project: Contest - Concept

Professor: Rodrigo Aguilar 

[First Place XXIX CAP Contest]

[Second Place VII ALACERO Contest]

About the Proposal

The proposal is based on a replicable cross volume Bridge-Beam located over the bottom of the ravine. Through this, a fast circulation is generated at the street level, which allows the connection of both sides. The path becomes the main articulator of the projects, unifying everything that is happening either inside or outside the volume. The volume is divided into 2 areas, the former is the main area in which a multicourt is centered located, and the second one is two contained boxes located at the edges, complementing with programs of services and social encounters. The public space is designed considering squares and a green corridor. The squares are located at both sides of the bridge acting as a transition space into the volume. A green corridor for the community is provided at the bottom of the ravine, an opportunity for having native species and a water drain system. It unifies the bottom sides of the hill and allow strategic points for water collection in cases of emergency.

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