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Casa Alta

Team: LSAA Architects for MINGA

Location: La Serena, Chile

Year: 2023

Type of Project: Residential

[Under Development]

About the Requierments 

The clients requierments were clear from the beggining, a high house: A house with an open view towards the ocean, that could help as a vacation shelter for the family. 

The territory is featured by a dry tall grass, with low bushes wich provides no shadow. 


About the Proposal

The proposal rises the house creating thus a functional space underneath, room for parking and a covered lower “quincho” a space for barbeque  and chill protected of the sun. 

The access to the house is thorugh two stairs. The interior of the house is organized around the common areas, kitchen, dinning room and living area are combined as the core of the house, bedrooms are disposed at the edges. 


From the entire upper part a wide open terrace faces the nature providing a lookout for the family. 

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