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Casa della GIL Pavilion

Team: Matías Salas

Location: Rome, Italy

Year: 2022

Type of Project: Academic- Concept

Professor: Federico Bucci + Luigi Spinelli

I.About the pavilion's role 
The concept of "Pavilion" is always somehow linked to "ephemeral", a kind of lightness must be imbued in its short existence. Under these circumstances the pavilion must accomplish its function, enhance and put in evidence the value of the object-place-concept which is serving in a sort of dual abstract-tangible exhibition of its qualities. The words of Franco Mini during the opening of the School year 1954-55 in Venice wisely explain the role of architecture serving as an exhibit invention: "The exhibit invention must engage the visitor in its game, itshould generate the most suitable atmosphere around the works to enhance them without overwhelm them. Architecture must be the intermediary between the audience and the exhibit object, adding value to the environment as a powerful evocative for the visitors" Aligned with this definition of "Exhibition-pavilion" the intervention for the Pavilion in casa della GIL aims to fulllfil its elemental duty. By composing in an eclectic way, several elements and influences that can contribute to its materialization. 

II.About the requirements 
The requirements for the intervention include the task of act as an entrance for the courtyard and open space, it must also consider the redesign of the open area with activities dedicated to different functions, highlight of the relationship between the new project and the existing elements ( Scale, proportions and materials) 

III.About the current state 
The project starts by identifying the current state of the open area, which is featured by the presence of different elements that contribute to its nowadays state. Firstly the historic 6.00 meters high Aurelian walls go all along the south-west side of the trapezoidal site, characterized by an antique brownish tone and a system of buttresses.The north-east side is highlighted by the Luigi Moretti's master piece, Casa della GIL, a composition of volumes and forms characterized by its pale tone and combination of rational and organic shapes. The midfield in between these two pieces of history seems to be in pain, the presence of the school in casa della Gil and some sports field are shaded by a parking lot in front of the Aurelian wall, thus they are not capable to soak the area with a strong defined character that can make use of its full potential and enhance the experience of the "passeggiata" through "Via Ascianghi" 

IV.About the project 
The project begin with the premise of make the area pedestrian only, the pavilion is inserted, as an elongated, almost infinite extension of porticos in a free organic movement. The porticos are organized along a sinuous axis that follows its path along the open spa-ce. This search for a path generates different courtyards that are now complemented and enhanced by simple but key features, such as a roof or a bench in order to generate spaces for conversation and encounter. The north and south extremes of the axis act now as accesses to the patio, inviting the pedestrians on viale trastevere to come inside, a portico in the whole sense, an evocation of the classical Roman arch in its pure spirit.The structure is thought in therms of practicality and function, slender white circular metallic profiles are assembled and repeated, the scaffold structure essence, in order to ease the installation and future withdrawal of the pavilion. Finally the sequence of porticoes is permeated in certain strategic areas in order to not only have the experience of the walking under the pavilion but also allow free movement in the new courtyards. 

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