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Year: 2020

Location: Santo Domingo, Chile

Team: Francisca López + Matías Salas

The idea of an own space for relaxing and chilling was rouding the mind of PV and CM, Chilean couple travelling as a work and holiday schema in Australia, during their time there the couple decided to buy a piece of land in Santo Domingo, Chile ( About 2 hours from Santiago de Chile) After a few years of travels, and living in Caravans the couple learnt to live under just the essential conditions, under this premise, the Cabin is projected as a monolitic shape, considering an small but confortable space for basic but multiple activities.

The floor plan is divided into two main areas: The first one an open space, contains the public zones of the cabin, a Kitchen and a Living, the last one is extended to a wooden deck which act as terrace, lookout and main entrace.

The second space is the Master bedroom, a cosy space with it’s own balcony, in order to contemplate the hilly landscape, maybe reading or just smoking. These two areas are divided by the bathroom, space who share the “water wall” with the Kitchen, in order to reduce the cost of the Installations project. The wide structure of the house was based on a basic wooden beam, 320 cms long, in order to avoid unncesary on-site cuts, likewise, the SIP panels were modulated to reduce non-essential tasks. A black zinc wrapper, covers the cabin, making a contrast with the dry vegetation and soil of the site.

cabina vn.jpg
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